Monday, 24 June 2013

The 3 C's

The 3 C’s of a Leader

  • Character :  People always look up to the person who has a strong and genuine character. If a leader does not have integrity or cannot instill trust and confidence  in the people,  s/he will never be able to rally them towards a common purpose. It is the personality and character which brings lasting success with people.

  • Charisma :  Charisma is an integral part of  great leadership. According to me, charisma is not external but very very internal.  How does one get charisma?  By putting others first. Charismatic leaders think about others and their concerns before his/her concerns.  Leaders exude charisma when they are more concerned about making his followers  feel good about themselves than making them feel good about the leader himself.

  • Communication : Developing superlative communication skill is absolutely essential for a leader. If the message cannot be communicated effectively and is not motivating for the team , then delivering the message does not even matter. Effective communication by a leader drives the team towards the goal , creates a sense of urgency and enthusiasm. Another important aspect is the “how” the communication is done. Depending on the “how”, the “what “ of the message gets a completely new meaning. Emotionally intelligent leaders effectively use “how” they talk to make the team feel that s/he cares for them.  The communication should be effective and motivating to seek action from the audience. 
Can you think of any more C's which a leader should possess ? Please add on ....


  1. Coach: Developing people is also vital for a leader. For me s/he has the ability to recognize talent and how best to develop it. S/he offers challenging assignments including developmental plans that push people to cultivate new skills. This quality of a leader can see the future and bring out the best in followers. It works best when followers are receptive to escalation.

  2. Courage:Demonstrate courage by facing the challenge.Then instill the courage in the team members and motivate them to be courageous in facing the challenging situation.

  3. Good ones... Coaching, Courage and someone suggested Care ....

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