Friday, 13 September 2013

Goodbye email of a Leader

Friends ,
 I have been struggling to write this email for the last couple of hours.   I am finding it very difficult   to sum up the experiences of  7 years and 2 months in a couple of lines.  What a tenure it has been …. It seems just the other day that I walked into this office and then everything is history …
 For me , the learning has been immense .  From a purely development background, I delved into quality, process, testing, training – and simultaneously doing delivery and project  and program management, setting up teams – Warranty,  DNS , Alpha and TDCJ . Learning about Test Automation - QTP. Continuous Improvement,   ISO certification , going on stage and taking the prize on behalf of our facility  for the  Best Practice Showcase in Chicago, conducting the training sessions , the list is endless ........
I will never forget the issues of “Quality Times” which I published, the book club,  the parody on the office colleagues in “UTSAV” and our annual days . The  pot-luck lunches and my workplace no. “191” will always remain etched on my mind.
 I have seen ups and downs , I have taken lessons both from the good and the not so good .  I have known whom to emulate and whom I do not want to become.  I have interacted closely with so many different people and everybody has  left a mark on me and made me a better and a more mature professional. I have received lots of accolades and recognition for the work  I have done but there are two things which I have received in abundance here which are priceless. I have received  your love and respect and I am carrying these with me forever.  I am humbled and awestruck by the adoration and adulation that people have bestowed upon me . I consider myself lucky to have gained these from  you.  These priceless gems will be with me throughout my life …
 I am feeling sad to leave … but I have a wide world in front of me now. I am not done yet and I have to reach larger horizons.  I want to taste and try some different flavours and see what greater things life has in store for me.  
As I strive towards the large looming horizon, I want to say a BIG Thank you to all of you . I will be able to reach my goal with your love, trust , belief and good wishes.
 This is a very small world and I am sure that somewhere, someday we will  meet again  ! Till then adieu !
Best wishes to all of you !
What do you notice in the letter ?  What sort of leader do you think this person is ? Do write your comments .


  1. Ananya,

    You made me cry again! I still remember the feeling I had when you were leaving. You left a big void in our lives. '191' would be filled by someone someday, but only you can fill this void.

    You have been greatly missed!
    You inspire us!


  2. Dear Ananya,

    Judging by the contents of the letter and the reaction from Upashana above, I take it this is autobiographical. Either way, it made good reading. It brings out the people side in you just as it brings out your passion for software quality, project management and technology applications. It clearly shows your inclination to learning and seeking new challenges.

    It also shows that the choice you made some years ago is allowing you to explore yourself inside out. I have been seeing your articles regularly, and I am sure you will agree that had you still been fully employed, you might not have been able to write as much, or as well.

    All the best. I hope I was also part of your learning environment for a bit, for whatever it was worth.


    Pramod Joshi
    Former Managing Director, Syncata India Pvt. Ltd.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Pramod...

  3. Hello Ananya,

    A very good write-up. A flashback to the good old days..

    Best Wishes,

  4. I am sure, where ever you will go, YOU WILL BE AN INSPIRATION.
    You have been mine :)
    I don't say this often, but i want to say that YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON!

    Good Luck.


  5. This person is into procrastination & self-glory.

    Reminding everyone that 'I was great in your organisation'.

    Claiming everything to be GREAT and wants to emulate someone and then leave that person.
    Claiming I could grow very fast and amicably...then loosing hope of growth in the present.

    1. Or maybe the person is moving towards Self actualization ??