Monday, 23 September 2013

10 Ways to Boost your Self-Confidence

 In my corporate experience I have seen many people with very High IQ not being able to perform and I have also seen several people with mediocre IQ do fantastically well in their lives. 

The biggest determinant for this inconsistency is Self- Confidence.  This is one of the key characteristic of a Leader.  And yes, Self Confidence can be developed. 

The following are 10 ways you can enhance your Self Confidence :  

  1. Recognize your fears and insecurities.Bring to the foreground emotions and thoughts that are always present at the back of your mind.
  2. Never be ashamed of yourself or to ask for help
  3. Talk to your friends and loved ones about your problems. Focus on the things that are creating problems for you and then try to find a way to solve these problems.
  4. Know that  nobody is perfect. Even that famous film star  or supermodel have insecurities.
  5. Enjoy and celebrate your success. 
  6. Discover your talents and then focus on them. We should build on our strengths. 
  7. When you feel low, look around you and at the problems that others are undergoing and thank God that he has blessed you with so much more. Believe me, a visit to the hospital or an orphanage can be therapeutic. 
  8. Never fall victim to self-pity. It can be very damaging to your self esteem and self confidence. Self-pity promotes us to give excuses to ourselves. Also don't let others pity you; this will only lower your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  9. Try to smile as much as possible. A smile will add to your confidence. People are always appreciative of a smile.
  10.  Fake it !  Sometimes just pretending to be confident makes you really confident ! You will never know when you will make a transition from pretension to reality.


  1. Such a nice list , loved it and shall try to follow it.

  2. Hello Ananya! I like your tips. Not everyone born with strong personality and self confidence. Though it's a bit difficult but one can develop his/her own self-confidence with the help of certain training. These 10 points are helpful up-to some extent but you'll surely need help of someone. Thanks for sharing it. Tips to develop a Strong Personality.