Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Magic of Positive Visualization.

Have you ever tried Positive Visualization ? Have you experienced the magic ? 

In my positive thinking workshops I usually recount my own experiment with Positive Visualization.

About 12 years back, I had joined a US based Software MNC and I was located in the Delhi, India office.  The organization had a very well defined induction process. The group of new joiners went through a week long induction session and apart from learning about the organization, its vision, mission, policies etc., they were supposed to pick up a problem which they saw in the  organization and present the solution on Friday, the last day of their induction week, to the top leaders of the organization.

I had joined as a Project Manager and was the senior-most in the group. I had never worked in an MNC and somehow I was tongue tied and at awe. Because of this , I hardly communicated and contributed. A few people in the team noticed this and I knew that they were sneering at my back. So, on Thursday evening, when we had to decide as a team , who would deliver the final presentation, these people said “Well, Ananya is the project manager. Who else , but she should present !

I was very very nervous. I knew that if I failed to speak or make an impression, my job was at stake. And more importantly, my self respect in my own eyes was at stake !

I returned home at 8 pm. After dinner,  I sat with my notepad and started writing. I wrote each and every thing which I would say in the presentation the next morning.  I wrote details of when I would pick up the marker and go to the white board, when I would move my hands, when I will pause and of course I wrote each and point of the content. After I wrote it, I closed my eyes and visualized myself... talking... smiling... presenting confidently.  I visualized myself several times. I also visualized how the audience will applaud when I finish my presentation. It was in the wee hours of the morning that I caught up on 2-3 hours of sleep.

The next morning, I went to  the conference room about 30 min prior to the presentation and practiced. You bet , I was still so nervous.  But magic, when the presentation started, and I picked up the marker and went to the white board and then started my presentation , it happened exactly like I had visualized. The presentation ended with a big round of applause!

I relished the look of the people who thought I would fail. I was amused to see their jaws drop in surprise.  And the most important part .... I regained my self confidence. I could respect myself again !

That is the magic of Positive Visualization.

Try it. 

You will be amazed . 


  1. Is this Birlasoft you are talking about, Ananya? Just curious.

    Powerful writing though! Keep it up. You will soon be a well-known and widely respected leadership coach, eh? :-)



    1. Pramod, No, I am not talking about BirlaSoft :-) !

      Thanks for your blessings and I am using Positive Visualization for being the best leadership coach :-).

  2. Hey ,very nice read. could you please brief on planning as well. I have a positive attitude but some where my plan does not succeed. A lot of times I hear people that they have positive Visualization but they dont plan. Like you mentioned you had made hand written notes on -when you would write on board, when you would move hands, when you would pause ,pick up marker. that is so wonderful..

    Most of us lack planning. and decision making which is essential part of leadership. I would request you to write on how to plan and make quick decisions..

    1. Thanks . I will write on this aspect in my next blog.. ! Watch the space .... !

  3. You spoke of the final presentation which was a resounding success.The choices you make spring from thoughts, and when these are converted to action(mental or physical)you immediately sow the seeds for these to fructify-This what exactly transpired in your case-Here i would sieve your method, to further understand the workings of the mind- In the First scenario visualization,as an engineering tool,that scripts the destiny of men and organisations, this is what i would term a Leadership Trait-Your success at the presentation,is somewhat different,wherein the moment you realised it would be you who would be delivering the final presentation,success was ensured-This is Positive Visualization at work-
    Lets understand this further-Once a thought manifests in your mind,whether you actualize it or not,makes no difference to the workings of natural law-In this case,the script of positivity,success was engraved,when you rehearsed this earlier-Your actions on the white board,pauses and movements,mudras i would collectively term this effort,these were only an extension of the rumblings of a magnificent mind,man is yet to unravel-The law is very clear and you sow,so you reap..You instituted an action in thought,whether you converted this into reality,or not you have to bear the consequences-Not actualised these(thoughts)remain dormant to sprout at a later time-In your case,these were scripted to succeed,the seeds sown were thus-
    Now what was behind the thought,that made you perform, and successfully at that ? Its that subtle energy that restrained you (remember you were nervous initially)in the first place,its that surge that will propel you to receive still more accolades in the future,its that mysterious spirit man has always longed for-This energy or spirit a veritable surge,pure and undiluted-To enunciate further,fire can be used to warm your body or burn you to cinders-THE CHOICE IS YOURS-Kindly do not blame the fire-This is Positive Visualization,i believe you were explaining Ananya-It is an innate quality in man-Success or failure,positivity or negativity are but natural consequences-
    Once you awaken to this pristine knowledge,can you re-script the meaning of Positive Visualization to make your work place brimming with 'Actual Actualization' and that too, perpetually-

    Sincere Regards

    1. Vijay, I like " The choice is yours" part ... ! Thanks for your inputs !

  4. Good Article !!!. Looking forward to more on the same topic