Monday, 9 June 2014

Intelligence of the Unconcious

I have always banked on my "gut feel",   that is my intuition. 

Somehow I could not find any reason why sometimes I  recruited not the best but maybe the third or fourth best.  Or sometimes why I  chose to select a particular organization to do business even though there were some lacunae. 

But I  knew that I was right and about 95% of the time, I was correct. 

Intuition is the ability to anticipate and predict. We can sense the "Vibes" of a person or have a "nose" for smelling trouble.  It is a knack , if I may say, to know whom to deal with , when and where. It is the ability  to decide without waiting for all the facts and figures because of an "inner voice" which insists that the decision is right. 

Recently I read an interesting article on Intuiting  which talked about scanning the resume with your hands It said that though the resume is there to guide us, but we can go beyond the written words with our intuition. It talked about scanning the resume with our palms !  The technique that the researcher talked about is to go slowly from line to like as if scanning with your palm , without thinking much about the words on the resume.  Putting fuzziness rather than focus , while reading between the lines !  I really want to try this out the next time I am recruiting .

In Hindu mythology, we have several tales which actually talks about intuiting, hunching and mental telepathy. We have saints who predicted the future, queens who could hunch the danger before the king went for the battle.

Even in recent times, I have read about a person who could just look at you and tell minute details about your past and also predict the future. Though there are many people who would snigger, my take on this is that just because we cannot prove something scientifically does not mean that it is not true.

As we grow older and get trapped by the very logical orientation of our modern education system, we tend to lose the spontaneity of making intuitive decision  for sheer lack of practice and application.   We are so used to using the left lobe of our brain for logical  and analytical thinking that we miss out on the power of the right lobe , which is for emotions, intuitiveness and feelings. Just think of the power if we could use both the lobes of the brain - logic and intuition  for decision making. 

Intuitive people are very good at  7 skills :

  • Pattern Perception : ability to fill in the information gaps amidst  a clutter of data. 
  • Recall : Fast processing of memory stored in the unconscious. 
  • Recognition : Ability to immediately identify a face, an object, an event a circumstance in its proper context.
  • Analysis : Analytical thinking and coming to the correct conclusion without much time to complete the logical analysis
  • Imagination : Able to think of many possibilities and different ways of doing things.
  • Connection Skill : Ability to put seemingly unrelated things together.
  • Psycho-Osmosis  : As Carl Jung calls "Collective Unconscious".  Ability to extract information from the memory bank of all human experiences. 

The research paper says that we can practice intuitiveness. The more we practice, the better it is.

Are you intuitive ? What is your take on this ?

I am curious to know..


  1. Very interesting article. Logic itself is not everything. Intuition is really important in any human relation and for understanding a situation. However I could not understand the last point on Psycho-Osmosis.How collective Unconscious can be used for analysis and decision-making. Please elaborate.

    1. Hi, Collective Unconscious is the learning of the generations - these seep into our personality without us ever knowing it. Some of our instinctive feelings are based ion this. - for example like we will never be able to explain why we seek to confide personal details more to our mother than our father or why the role of female in a household is assumed to be more internal . But if we are aware of these reactions, we can utilize it for rational decision making

  2. You have an interesting blog. thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts.

    1. Thank You ! If you are interested, please become a follower of my site. The link is on the Right hand bar of the blog .