Monday, 22 June 2015

14 Traits of a Bad Boss

We all love Bad Bosses in Reel life. 

The stylish Miranda Priestley in The Devil wears Prada , Bill Lumbergh in Office Space and Bhavani Shanker in Golmaal .

But in real life, Bad Bosses have the most harmful effect in your job, heart, mind and soul.  

It is said that 90% of the people quit their jobs due to their immediate supervisors.  

Sometime or the other, all of us have experienced bad bosses . But I have also seen that when people like us become bosses, we too tend to become nasty. We forget our own experiences.  

And trust me, it is really easy to become a bad boss ! 

Test Yourself as a Boss

Check these and answer in Yes or No

  • You do not forget the mistake or failure of  your subordinate and cite those as examples whenever there is an opportunity
  • You hardly have an appreciative word for the good work done but do not take even a minute to point out the faults
  • You take the credit for the good work done, but for failures, your fingers point to your subordinates
  • Whenever any suggestion is given to you by your subordinates, you smirk and make him feel like a fool
  • Constructive feedback angers you
  • You are a control freak and micromanage your team
  • You  are actually spineless and do not have courage to tackle a difficult situation though you know that it is the right thing to do
  • You do not keep your word and  back out by saying "I never said this"
  • You do not trust your team and lack integrity
  • You admonish your subordinate in front of  this juniors 
  • You fail to motivate your team . You think that "fear" is the only way to make the employees work.
  • Use disciplinary measures inappropriately when simple, positive communication would correct the problem
  • You generally speak offensively and your team is not comfortable with you. They never come to you for guidance
  • You think that you have the answer to everything
Your score :  1 point for each "No" and 0 for each "Yes"

14-12 points : Excellent Boss - people bloom under you
11 - 8 points : You are a Good boss , try to improve though
7 - 4   points : Hmmm.... beware ... you are fast turning into a Devilish Boss
3 - 0   points : You are the worst Boss ever !

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