Thursday, 10 September 2015

7 ways to deal with Mean People

Yesterday I read a very interesting piece in India Today , a leading magazine in India and I wanted to share it with my blog readers. 

It is titled "Our Strange World of Work".  Coming to think of it, the world is comprised of human beings and all of us are different ! This makes management of our workforce quite difficult as we have to deal differently with different people ! Definitely difficult , but inevitably interesting ! 

This different dealing is for everybody ... Team members, colleagues and  supervisors . 

So, how do we behave? Specially with mean and negative people? The following points are helpful. 

1. Insecure - They think that they know everything . They micromanage 
  • If S/he is your boss, keep her updated. Stick to your deadlines and always keep her posted about ALL the risks and issues

2. Liar - Makes Excuses, manipulator 
  • Never ever trust them. Document each and every move to secure yourself.

3. Excluder - They only look for personal gain. If not, you do not exist for them !
  • Try to keep a straight face without showing any emotion. It is better to keep minimum communication

4. Toxic - Backstabber, game player
  • Do not indulge in any gossip with them. Minimum communication.  Do not follow any advice or suggestion from them

5. Screamer - Insults, attention seeking, yells
  • Keep off as much as possible. Do not scream back. But do not let them trample over you.  Talk about any bad behaviour meted towards you as and when it happens

6. Narcissist - Wants everyone to feed their ego
  • Do not show emotion. And no need to feed their ego

7. Incompetent - Takes the credit of the work done by other people

  • Never pass on information directly to them. The information should be fed through neutral sources. 

I am sure you will be able to identify these people at your workplace. So try these out and let me know the results !

And of course , have fun !


  1. Good tips for saving yourself from ????

  2. Amiripilli Sudhakar Rao20 October 2015 at 01:04

    Just thinking if i fit in any one of these.. I am not so mean...but it surely helps.