Monday, 29 August 2016

Stay Curious, Try AWE

The other day I was chatting with my friend over WhatsApp (I have to get rid of this habit of WhatsApping at night !) .  

And she wrote "AWE"

I said "What ?"

She again wrote "AWE" with a smiley . 

"Is this a new acronym ? I know LOL, ASAP, ROFL, BRB etc , but what is AWE ?

"Hey, you don't know ? It is a new one AWE : And What Else !!

At that time , I wanted to kill her . 

But the next day , when I was strolling in the nearby park for my customary morning walk, it suddenly crossed my mind that AWE is such an awesome thing. In fact, coming to think of it,  AWE can be one of the best thing a leader can ask his subordinate !

I have used AWE many times and I am sure the readers too must have used it instinctively.  But I wonder if we use it consciously,  AWE will become manifold powerful  . 

As leaders or managers we know that in any interaction with subordinates, the first answer given is never ever the only answer and of course it is not the best answer.  So , if you ask "And What Else", that will open up the conversation. 

For example, here is a conversation  :

"So ...  Are you happy with your project assignment ? "

"Yes. It is interesting and challenging"

"And What Else ? "

"Well ... though I think I need to update myself a bit in the new technology platform ...."


And the conversation became enriched

It went several layers deeper than usual . And guess what ? It created a bond and trust between the boss and the subordinate. 

Another amazing thing about AWE is that it helps senior people refrain from bouts of "advice-giving"

Experience makes us prone towards sermonizing. With AWE, we remain, or at least it seems that we are "curious".  And once we are curious, we are giving the control of the conversation to the other person. We don't know how the conversation will end . 

That is true empowerment ! The other person is doing the thinking. S/he will know how to manoeuvre the conversation. 

And as a result, you become a powerful, transformational , and engaging leader. 

You give some and get lots in return !

So, dear readers ,  Stay curious , Try AWE !!

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